Did you know that if you have a business with more than 10 staff it's likely you have significant hidden profit in your business waiting to be uncovered....


I've been helping Business Owners uncover the hidden GOLD in their businesses for the last 25 years.










Hi I'm Brad Horan, I'm not your standard Accountant. I am creative, I have more than 10 friends, and people (sometimes) laugh at my jokes. 


Over the last 2 decades I earned a reputation of solving complex business problems by applying both analytics and creativity to identify simple, successful solutions. 


I've always been focused on helping businesses succeed but about 13 years ago something remarkable happened...


Before this remarkable event I helped businesses around the globe and got great results, but something was missing...


I found that missing link whilst working in Japan.  


I was working on a solution to free up branch staff time, improve purchasing power and productivity. We set the solution in motion but it just wasn't working. 


I was lost. Why wasn't it working?  Was it the culture, was it language issues? No it wasn't any of that...


Then I remembered a discussion I'd just had with a friend about how local manufacturers use data to drive decisions. I called him and we put our heads together.


Ahh huh, we needed different data to help people make the right decisions, and we needed a framework manage the decision making process. 


It hit me this is the "missing link". So simple! I can't believe I'd overlooked this.


We knew we were onto something and we started working together consulting to major businesses across the world with phenomenal success...


Another 12 years of refinement led me to produce the Financial Peak Performance Framework™ to get more freedom from your business, and our Profit Accelerator Framework™ to add profit to your business fast. 


I use these frameworks to help business owners like you get more profit, more time, and more freedom from your business.



These results are NOT typical but clients who’ve gone through this:

An agency that refined their sales model added $180,000 profit ($15,000 per month) in 90 days.

A business services company that redeployed existing staff to add $75,000 profit in 4 months.

A commercial services business that doubled profit on new clients in 30 days.


A Customer Service Centre that increased customer Service by 100% and capacity by 15% at the same time.

A professional services business that halved their delivery adding $3000 profit every job.

A Financial Services business that increased productivity by 86% to support massive growth activities.

Business Profit Enhancement



To me Business is like the highest level of Professional Sports

You have; competitors (products/businesses/industries), a playing field (markets), players (staff), and a goal (Customers) -  to win you must satisfy Customer needs so they choose you over your competition. 

Our proven framework helps you win in the fastest, most effective way.


  • Imagine a game of soccer with no goalposts - what can the players aim for? 

  • Strategy & Goals form the goalposts for your business.

  • We work with you to uncover your what, where, how, why, & truths.


  • Processes exist in every business (whether you see them or not).


  • Consistent processes deliver consistent results.


  • Processes aligned to your goals gives you predictable results.


  • How can you win if you don't know the score? It's very difficult if not impossible!

  • Keeping score from a Customer perspective is critical!

  • Our Ultimate Customer Value Scorecard™ gives you the winning advantage.


  • The success of a game comes down to how well players work as a team. 

  • A team doesn't just happen, it requires deliberate management.

  • Our Active Management framework makes it easy.

[Business] Knowledge is Power



Perhaps the most powerful aspect of our framework is that you learn to do these things in your business. I don't believe in holding you hostage to our expertise, we work with you and teach you, and your staff everything we know!

  • Uncover Gold

    Learn our Profit Accelerator™ framework - use it to uncover gold, time and time again

  • Ultimate Customer Value™

    How to see your business from your Customer's point of view - deliver the perfect experience every time. 

  • Business Goals

    How to get all your staff working as one towards your business goals.

  • Lifetime Customer

    How to earn more from existing customers, whilst they love you for it. 

  • Motivate & Incentivise

    How to engage and motivate staff so they innovate your business to make you more profit.

  • Make It Easy

    We've done it before 1000's of times use our knowledge, framework, and templates to make your life easier.

Business Freedom


Business Owners are a different breed, we are driven, self-reliant, passionate and dedicated. You chose a different path, a challenging path, one that should be rewarded with Freedom

To achieve freedom from your business you must achieve both Financial Stability and Emotional Stability

  • Financial Stability comes from having predictable profit, it's not necessarily about making billions, the key to know your business can provide for you and your family in a regular and predictable way. Adding 25K more profit in 45 days is a great way to kick this off.

  • Emotional Stability is a little trickier, it comes from you being able to release the burden of work from yourself, being able to elevate the business so you don't need in the daily grind. This requires a business operating framework that allows you to take time out from your business without worrying about how it will perform. The framework gives you visibility and confidence that everything is on track. 

  • Freedom is about having the ability to choose. How much time you spend, what you do in your business. Being able to take time out without worry.  The best and fasted way to achieve freedom is to install a business operating framework just like our Financial Peak Performance Framework™.

Uncovering Opportunities



We will dig deep into your business, mining for those hidden Nuggets of Gold.

We’ll look under every rock, into every nook and cranny, to uncover the opportunities that already exist in your business right now...

  • Profit Enhancement Roadmap We start with an assessment where I work with you to break down your key profit drivers, understand the barriers and levers required to quickly unlock profits hidden within your business. This will get you up and running. We focus on 2-3 key actions that will really shift the dial.

  • Ultimate Customer Value Scorecard™ gives you complete visibility into how well your business is performing from a Customer's point of view. Together we will develop your bespoke UCV Scorecard covering the 4 key value decisions - Cost, Speed, Quality, and Service. This provides a window into how well you deliver against your customer value proposition. Happy Customers = Strong Business Foundation. 

  • Active Management will set your business on fire. This gives you, the Owner breathing space. Your staff will no be aligned to your business goals, and they will be monitoring the business and suggesting improvement opportunities.  Your role has now changed you will be cherry picking the best ideas and helping them get implemented.

We Love to Serve



Don't take it from me hear what our customers have to say.

Igor Katelenets

CEO - Cleaning Star

Brad is amazing! After our 1st Roadmap session I felt like a weight was lifted and I could breathe again. Highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking not only to improve your business but also to take your business to a next step! Brad is simply a gem amongst all other 'experts' in the field. Thank you Brad for everything you already helped me to achieve, clarify and make things a lot easier!.

Chris Lonergan

CEO - Lonergan Research

Brad’s methodology was very effective at helping us focus on what truly affects profit. His roadmap created information flows, and processes which made my staff focus on, and report on the behaviours that drive profit. This has fundamentally reshaped our business – and our bottom line.




Toshiyuki Nagakura

Head of Operations - MetLife Customers Services

Brad thank you. Not only did I get my life back, we improved our customer service so much we won an award for best Customer Service in country. 

I now have happier, more engaged staff, and I am actually loving my work again. All due to the great work we did together.




Have a few more questions?


If you have any questions for me please reach out and ask me. 

Do you have a Guarantee?

Will your system work in my industry?

I've unlocked hidden profits across dozens of industries and had tremendous success. As long as you have an established business, our Financial Peak Performance framework™  will work because we simply uncover the secret potential hidden deep within your business. 

But this is not for everyone. I find this to be most successful where the Business Owner is truly looking to change their business for the better. You have a focus on quality, you have an established business, and you appreciate the value of people both inside and outside your business.  

How much money can I make?

Do I need to be great with numbers?

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