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How I Add At Least 30% Profit To My Client's Service Businesses Within 45 Days

Discover the 4 pillars" service business owners can leverage in their businesses to grow profit in 2021.​


If you're ready to down tools, step back, and grow your business. Don't miss this workshop. 


Learn how to uncover your biggest opportunities to get 30% extra profit in 45 days. 


Our proven framework for Service Businesses with a wage bill of more than 50k per month has delivered over $70M extra profits. 






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Fri 16 Apr 2021 

AEST 9AM-12PM (noon)

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Our proven PROFIT ACCELERATOR™ system rapidly uncovers 1-3 golden opportunities in your business.

Did you know that if you have a service business with 10 or more staff you likely have significant PROFIT opportunities hidden within your business.


Most businesses find at least 25k additional profit (typically 30%-50% more) in as little as 45 days, without:

  • Investing in new technology
  • Complicated and confusing financial reports
  • Investing years into an accounting degree, or MBA
  • Having to work every waking hour
  • Sacrificing your social and family time time with friends and family 
  • Complicated tactics, or financial know how. 

What's really exciting is that once you set up this operating framework in your business you can keep repeating it finding more profit over and over again

Hi I'm Brad Horan, over the last 20 years I've been helping business owners find more profit, more time, and more freedom from their business.  


The challenge for most business owners is that you're so busy in the day-to-day management of the business you just don't get a chance to step back and see the opportunities already lurking in your business.  


In this rapidly changing and uncertain world it is easy to get distracted, to get overwhelmed, to focus on the tactical issues that arise day-to-day. But...


To get real profitable growth you must focus on bigger things. You must shift your focus to the things that will make a real difference in your business.  


The best way to avoid being trapped in the day-to-day is to create a business operating framework that enables you to step back and see those hidden opportunities.  It holds you and your team accountable for taking action to seize those opportunities day in, day out.  


I have personally trained for thousands of hours, spent tens of thousands of dollars on seminars and conferences,

and worked with the worlds most well known brands to generate more profit. I developed the a business operating framework designed discover, innovate and exploit opportunities as they arise.  


Now I’m bringing this framework to my workshop events to share with you.


I’ll be dissecting how and why these winning strategies work and demonstrating how you can implement them into your business.


Join me and other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs for my one-day Profit Accelerator Workshop where I’ll be revealing the exact framework, strategies and tactics you can use to grow your profitable business and create an influx of new profit.


This is for you: 

  • Established Service Business Owner with a wages bill of over 50k per month
  • Want to get off the tools but not sure how to go about it 
  • Looking to grow your business in 2021
  • Feeling overwhelmed 
  • Think there should be more to business life 
  • Need to inject some cash into your business quickly  
  • Lost the love and fun in your business
  • Feel trapped in the day-to-day of your business
  • Want to manage your business with less stress, more profit and more fun
  • Looking for a proven framework for profitable growth 


This is one event you don’t want to miss if you plan on growing your business in 2021.

Reserve your ticket today.




  • How to apply the profit accelerator in your business, uncover opportunities, determine solutions, and project outcomes so you can make the very best decisions possible. 

  • How to massively increase your profit by revamping your sales process 

  • How to generate more profit from existing customers, whilst they thank you for it.  

  • How one daily 20min Active Management session can give you back 2 free days a week

  • 4 simple Ultimate Customer Value™ KPI that keep your customers coming back for more

  • How to get all your staff working as one towards your business goals, delivering the best possible customer experience. 

  • How to develop a results based culture where staff are accountable, happy, work harder, and they love you for it

  • The 5 questions you need to ask yourself to define a winning business strategy 

  • How to engage staff so they innovate your business, making even more profit   

  • Frameworks, tools, examples, and templates galore and more...

  • How to put down the tools and earn even more profit by focusing on business growth

  • How to create a 30,000 foot view of your business with just 8 KPI

  • How to sleep better at night, take a vacation, and generally have more fun, knowing your business will run without you.  

  • How to manage your staff effectively and still treat them like friends & family

  • Get armed with a complete and up-to-date arsenal of profit generating strategies, tactics, and tools you can immediately put into action in your business


These results are NOT typical but clients who’ve gone through this:

An agency that refined their sales model added $180,000 profit ($15,000 per month) in 90 days.

A business services company that redeployed existing staff to add $75,000 profit in 4 months.

A commercial services business that doubled profit on new clients in 30 days.


A Customer Service Centre that increased customer Service by 100% and capacity by 15% at the same time.

A professional services business that halved their delivery adding $3000 profit every job.

A Financial Services business that increased productivity by 86% to support massive growth activities.



Apr 16, 2021

AEST 9AM - 12PM (noon)




Don't take it from me hear what our customers have to say.

Igor Katelenets

CEO - Cleaning Star

Brad is amazing! After our 1st Roadmap session I felt like a weight was lifted and I could breathe again. Highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking not only to improve your business but also to take your business to a next step! Brad is simply a gem amongst all other 'experts' in the field. Thank you Brad for everything you already helped me to achieve, clarify and make things a lot easier!.

Chris Lonergan

CEO - Lonergan Research

Brad’s methodology was very effective at helping us focus on what truly affects profit. His roadmap created information flows, and processes which made my staff focus on, and report on the behaviours that drive profit. This has fundamentally reshaped our business – and our bottom line.

Toshiyuki Nagakura

Head of Operations - MetLife Customers Services

Brad thank you. Not only did I get my life back, we improved our customer service so much we won an award for best Customer Service in country. 

I now have happier, more engaged staff, and I am actually loving my work again. All due to the great work we did together.


Business Owners are different to most folks, we are driven, self-reliant, passionate and dedicated.

If you're like me you love shiny new ideas but also get bogged down with daily grind. 


Every business is different and every Business Owner has their own story but I see a common theme.


Ultimately Business Owners are looking for freedom from their business, the freedom to choose how much time you spend, and what you do. 


To achieve freedom you must achieve financial stability and emotional stability. 


Financial Stability comes from having predictable profit, it's not necessarily about making billions, the key to know your business can provide for you and your family in a regular and predictable way. Adding 25K more profit in 45 days is a great way to kick this off. 


Emotional Stability is a little trickier, it comes from you being able to release the burden of work from yourself, being able to elevate the business so you don't need in the daily grind. This requires a business operating framework that allows you to take time out from your business without worrying about how it will perform. The framework gives you visibility and confidence that everything is on track. 


The best and fasted way to achieve freedom is to install a business operating framework just like our Financial Peak Performance Framework™.


We have a free 45 Min strategy call where we unpack the the things that are blocking freedom in your business,  we'll give your clarity around the 1 thing you must do right now to set the path to freedom in your business. It'll be the most valuable 45 min you spend ON your business this year. 

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